Best Facial Vein Treatment

Dr. Malvehy is rated one of the top rated vein doctors in the entire San Francisco Bay Area and performs over 1000 vein treatments every year. Facial vein treatment is available for patients with a variety of facial veins including blue veins at the temples and dilated red capillaries on the cheeks, chin, nose, and nostrils.

Facial vein treatments include liquid or foam sclerotherapy or thermocoagulation using VeinWave. All treatments are performed after application of a topical anesthetic cream in order to make them as comfortable as possible.

Treatment usually takes 10-15 minutes after 10-15 minutes of anesthetic cream (total of 20-30 minutes) and can be performed the same day as the initial consultation. Most patients see significant improvement with only 1-2 treatments.

“I’ve been to a lot of doctors. A LOT. And this experience was hands down one of the best in all regards. The office staff was efficient, kind, courteous, fast, and with a smile. I was in and out within an hour. Dr. Malvehy answered all my questions with patience and took his time to ensure everything was looked at properly. I HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone looking for a vein specialist. I have a family history and now feel relieved with a plan for the future.”
– Jessica P.

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