Celebrities get varicose veins too

Jennifer Aniston to Emma Watson are just a few of the 10,000 #celebritylegs tagged on instagram. But not all celebrities are born with #perfectlegs. Just like diet, exercise, exfoliation, and Botox, it’s important that people keep up with their spider veins and varicose veins.

According to Dr. Albert Malvehy, a leading California vein specialist, “for bulging varicose veins, it usually just needs to be fixed once. We do this all in the office now. People are surprised there is no surgery involved anymore.”

Here are 3 celebrities that are rumored to have needed some help with their veins.

Kristin Davis

Reports are that “Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis was not pleased with the appearance of her legs in the 2008 film. According to the NY Post, she had her varicose veins treated shortly after and has been taking pictures in short dresses ever since.

Janice Dickinson

Holding the title of “The First Supermodel” didn’t protect Janice Dickinson from paparazzi spotting varicose veins. Though she has admitted to getting Botox regularly, she has not talked openly about treating her varicose veins.

Emma Thompson

One of the few actresses who have been open about their varicose vein treatments, the star had varicose vein treatment in 2006. As reported in the UK Daily Mail, “The dress is short and the legs are out on show. I had the varicose veins out this year and the scars are nearly healed, so the legs go out.”

M. Albert Malvehy, M.D., is a leading vein doctor in California. He performs over 1,000 vein treatments a year and specializes in advanced vein treatment techniques including laser vein treatment and ultrasound guided vein treatment. Treatment can often be performed in a single day with video consultations available for patients traveling from outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

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