Does Healthnet Insurance Cover Varicose Vein Treatment?

Treatment for varicose veins, venous insufficiency, and venous ulcers is covered by Healthnet Insurance but insurance companies like Healthnet Insurance typically want to make sure that you are not seeking treatment simply for cosmetic purposes. They want to be confident that you do have some problems with the circulation or symptoms associated with your varicose veins. For specific information on Healthnet Insurance coverage for varicose veins, check out their physician guidelines.

Insurance companies like Healthnet Insurance will typically cover varicose vein treatment if you have:

Symptoms are usually worse with prolonged standing and at the end of the day; they may interrupt sleep. Each insurance company has specific requirements (and they are all different!) for covering varicose vein treatment including some ultrasound requirements like the size of the veins and how much backwards flow, or reflux, there is. As part of your initial evaluation, Dr. Malvehy will perform a detailed ultrasound examination to identify and document the source of your varicose veins and venous insufficiency. This is then provided in documentation to your insurance company to support pre-authorization for treatment.

We regularly work with Healthnet Insurance  to get pre-approval for patients seeking varicose vein treatment so we understand the different requirements that each insurance company has.

Our office accepts most major commercial insurance, Medicare, and MediCal, allowing patients with these insurance plans to see Dr. Malvehy, consistently rated one of the best vein doctors in California. Though our office does not offer vein treatment as part of the Kaiser Permanente network, we offer preferred pricing for patients covered by Kaiser.

No insurance covers treatment for cosmetic spider veins, hand veins, or facial veins.

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