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Fremont Sclerotherapy

Patients who live in Fremont and need sclerotherapy have a great treatment option available.

Dr. Malvehy is one of the best vein doctors in the East Bay Area and San Francisco Bay Area with an office located near Fremont in Pleasanton, on Stoneridge Mall Road.

Our office offers patients sclerotherapy as part of comprehensive spider vein treatment. Dr. Malvehy offers advanced sclerotherapy techniques including ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and foam sclerotherapy. Dr. Malvehy has performed thousands of sclerotherapy treatments, has published scientific literature on the topic, and has taught national courses for specialists seeking to learn it.

Sclerotherapy is the process of injecting a medication into a vein in order to “sclerose” or close the vein. While many practices use salt water or saline for injections, Dr. Malvehy exclusively uses Asclera, the only brand-name FDA approved medication for sclerotherapy. Besides reduced pain when compared to older, saline solution, treatment with Asclera offers more consistent results.

Sclerotherapy for spider veins may be performed during the initial consultation and usually takes 20-30 minutes. Any reticular, feeder, or root veins will be injected first, in order to provide a more durable and effective treatment. Dr. Malvehy may ask you to wear a compression stocking for 72 hours following treatment, depending on the dize and location of the treated area. Bruising afterwards is typical. Treated veins will be absorbed over the course of several weeks. A complimentary follow-up visit may be performed 3-6 weeks after treatment to speed healing. Patients should avoid sun exposure during the immediate post-treatment period. Most people have a 50-70% improvement in the appearance of spider veins after a single treatment of an area. Larger areas and more dense spider vein complexes may require multiple treatments to cover.

Patients living in or visiting the East Bay Area and greater San Francisco Bay Area can have sclerotherapy performed on the day of the initial consultation at our office in Pleasanton.

Patients coming from Fremont should get on I-680 headed north towards Sacramento. Take I-680 to Southridge Road. Turn left onto Southridge Road. Drive two blocks to Springdale and turn right again. Drive one more block to Stoneridge Mall Road and then turn left. Our building will be on your left. It is number 5700 and has plenty of free parking.

I recently went to see Dr. Malvehy for Sclerotherapy for my spider veins. I’ve had a couple of treatments before by other Drs and it was very painful. I was hesitant and very nervous to have my legs injected but after meeting Dr. Malvehy he made me feel comfortable and for the first time out of all my experiences sclerotherapy was painless. I highly recommend Dr. Malvehy, he has such a great sense of humor and a soft touch. I will definitely be going back for more treatments.
– Jen C.

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East Bay Vein Specialists is the best vein treatment center in the San Francisco and East Bay area. Dr. Malvehy is a highly skilled vein doctor. He is also a pioneer when it comes to minimally invasive treatments.

The philosophy at this vein clinic is simple. We know that you want the best solution for these issues. We also know that you want a permanent solution. You don’t want a lengthy recovery time. That’s why we use cutting edge techniques and look beyond the obvious cosmetic solutions.

Certified Vein Specialists

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Malvehy will conduct a thorough examination. Based on his findings, he will come up with a customized treatment plan that addresses the symptom and the cause. As a board-certified specialist, Dr. Malvehy is able to cover the full spectrum of vein disorders.

Whether you need to treat varicose veins, venous insufficiency, or spider veins he is equipped to find the right solution.

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