Does Kaiser Permanente Cover Varicose Vein Treatment?

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If you are looking for the Kaiser Permanente Vein Clinic, Kaiser Permanente provides varicose vein treatment for patients in Northern California.

For patients who have Kaiser Permenante and are in need of varicose vein treatment, the Kaiser clinic can be an excellent option.

Does kaiser cover varicose vein treatment?

For other Kaiser Permanente patients seeking varicose vein treatment or treatment for leg pain and heaviness, however some treatments may be considered cosmetic and may or may not be covered.

East Bay Vein Specialists offers comprehensive treatment for the entire spectrum of vein disease – ranging from spider veins to varicose veins to leg pain to venous insufficiency. Dr. Malvehy is rated one of the best vein doctors in the East Bay and San Francisco Bay Areas. Our office even offers treatment for blue breast veins common after breast augmentation and bulging veins in the hands due to aging. Though we are not part of the Kaiser Permanente network, we are happy to extend preferred pricing for varicose vein procedures to patients covered by Kaiser Permanente.

All treatments are performed in the office by Dr. Malvehy himself; there are no physician assistants or nurse practitioners. He also personally performs all ultrasound examinations. Treatments – whether they are cosmetic or medical – can often be performed in a single session, saving you time and money.

Not sure if your vein condition is cosmetic or medical? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Malvehy and he will advise you whether you should have an ultrasound examination and what your treatment options are.

Consultations for patients who have Kaiser Permanente insurance cost $100 with the consultation fee credited towards any initial treatment. If an ultrasound or medical treatment for varicose veins is required, patients with Kaiser Permanente Insurance can take advantage of preferred pricing. Contact our clinic to inquire about varicose vein treatment cost.

“Dr Malvehy took his time to explain everything to me and made me comfortable with the procedure. He was extremely skilled and I had no pain and my legs look great now. Staff very professional and beautiful large office . High recommendation to anyone!”
– Dave S.

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Wondering what your insurance might cover? We explain here.

Dr. Malvehy and East Bay Vein Specialists are not affiliated in any way with Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Malvehy and East Bay Vein Specialists are not part of the Kaiser Permanente network and no referral relationship exists.  There is no implied endorsement, business, or clinical relationship between Kaiser Permanente and Dr. Malvehy and East Bay Vein Specialists.

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