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We are totally dedicated to ensuring you have the most effective, efficient, and comfortable vein treatment experience possible. But don’t take our word for it; read what our patients –  ranging from 18-85 years old, the smallest cosmetic spider vein to non-healing leg wounds, school teachers to plastic surgeons – are writing about us.

Amazing results! I never write reviews, but I am so grateful for Dr. Malvehy and his vein treatments, that I want to share my story in the hopes of helping anyone else who suffers with ugly and painful veins. I developed huge veins all over my left leg, from my foot all the way up to my groin, when I was pregnant 18 years ago. After two more pregnancies, the veins continued to get larger, and more rope-like, especially behind my knee. I went to doctors all over the state, who tried all different procedures, techniques, and even surgery, to help my vein problem. Nothing worked at all! I decided that I would just live with it. I would have to deal with the uncomfortable leg pressure and wear pants for the rest of my life….Until 8 months ago when I went to see Dr. Malvehy. I walked into his office just to show him one large bubble like vein that bothered me the most. When he saw my leg, he confidently felt that he could help the whole thing! His confidence, kindness and gentle manner, made me decide to give this vein thing one more try. After a few treatments, and a few months, I can honestly say that my veins are almost completely gone! The big rope like ones were the first to go, followed by the small cosmetic ones. I can wear shorts now, and I have no more pressure in my left leg. I really felt like I needed to say all of this, because no one should have to walk around like I did, with painful and ugly veins when treatments with Dr. Malvehy exist. – Jess M.

I’m an avid tennis player, but leg pains and bulging veins were affecting my performance. I got a recommendation for Dr. Malvehy from a friend who knew him from Duke University. I was nervous, as I’m normally allergic to doctors. Within the first 5 minutes I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Malvehy knows what he is doing, answered all my questions and was kind and patient. In our first meeting, he showed the veins that were properly circulated blood and those that were not. He explained the treatment, any risks and recovery. During the procedure we chatted, listened to music, and he even let my mom sit in. I didn’t feel anything. Before I knew it, we were done. No pain, nothing. Recovery was a breeze (basically wore a compression sock over the entire length of my leg for a week). No scarring, and the hideous varicose veins and leg pains are gone. I’m very pleased with my experience and would recommend Dr. Malvehy […] without hesitation. – Silvia C.

 Dr. Malvehy changed my life. I was suffering for more than 30 years and I am now able to wear shorts and I am pain-free from my bulging veins. I truly recommend a visit to Dr. M if you are having issues with your veins, you will not be disappointed. The procedure was non-invasive, recovery time was minimum, and the results are spectacular!  I was able to drive home and  just needed to wear compression socks for a week. His staff is kind & professional. I am extremely pleased with my results and highly recommend Dr. Malvehy […]. I truly thank Dr. M and his staff for helping me! Gabriel G.

I so wish I had gone here when a friend told me about Dr Malvehy 3 years ago. There is so much misinformation about vein treatment. If you have leg pain, heaviness, itchiness, spider or varicose veins you need an ultrasound and not just sclerotherapy. There may be a root cause of your vein issues that a dermatologist or even vascular surgeon will not diagnose properly. I tried years of sclerotherapy and my legs only worsened pain and appearance wise as years progressed. This doctor knows his stuff and the process has been enjoyable, efficient and educational at the same time. There is help with the right doctor and Dr Malvehy is the one to go to. I am very happy I finally went to his office. The facilities, staff and procedures are pleasant, friendly and warm. I will recommend him to everyone. – Natalie H.

I just returned from a lovely experience at this office and with Dr. M. The office staff were prompt, polite, and helpful in setting up my appointment and clearing it with my insurance. Veronica kept me up to date when my appointment had to be moved due to issues caused my insurance. I had no wait time and was taken in immediately.  Dr M. Has a wonderful bed side manner, explaining everything before and after the ultrasound of my legs. Unfortunately, my insurance did not cover the treatment I needed. I was so very impressed with Dr. M and his staff, that I decided to go ahead and have one round of sclerotherapy done right then and there. Dr. M gave me a small discount because I had mentioned that I am a school teacher. I have not had this treatment before or anywhere else, so I can’t compare prices. This level of professionalism and attention superceded any financial insecurities. He is the real deal! […] Thanks Dr. M. 🙂 Kathia D.

I have worked on my feet as a plastic surgeon for the past thirty years.  The varicose veins I developed in the left leg were not only unsightly but uncomfortable.  Both as a prospective patient as well as a physician I did my homework on-line as well as in-office consultations with several vein specialists.  After consulting with Dr. Malvehy I was certain that I would ask him to help me.  His office staff has proved to be very professional; Dr. Malvehy is a personable and experienced vein specialist.  My procedure was simply pain-free, my recovery (if one can call it a “recovery”) was one afternoon and my results are absolutely outstanding! I recommend without reservation and  with enthusiasm Dr. Malvehy – in fact, I recommend him frequently to my own patients… – Howell T.

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