Ways to prevent blue breast veins

Veins are integral for blood circulation around the body. Generally, you can’t see your veins but in some situations, vein visibility is increased. They’ll either increase in size or be forced close to the skin surface. The breasts are one of the common parts of your body to develop visible veins. Blue veins on your breasts will make you self-conscious. Here is a look at what blue breast veins are and ways to prevent them.

What are Blue Breast Veins

A blue vein is harmless in most cases and will fade with time. At times, the blue veins in your breast can be a sign of an underlying condition. You’ll be worried if you notice a blue vein in your breast that does not fade on its own or gets worse. Get it checked by a healthcare provider to give you the peace of mind you need. Blue veins are more visible in light-skinned women. Common causes of blue vein breast include:


During the early stages of pregnancy, an increase in blood flow to the breast is intended to nourish the breast with milk once the baby is born. The increased blood flow makes the veins enlarged which makes them visible. The result is more prominent veins, especially on the breast where the skin is delicate.

However, the breast veins that occur during pregnancy will go to normal once you give birth to your bundle of joy. The blue veins may still be visible throughout breastfeeding but will return to normal when your stop breastfeeding if the milk dries up.

Hormonal changes

Your hormones fluctuate from time to time, especially during your menstrual cycle. At this time, the changes in the hormone levels make your breasts swell and draw more blood volume through the veins. It is the collection of fluid that makes the veins in your breasts visible resulting in blue veins. Oral contraceptives can also affect your hormone levels. However, it depends on the contraceptives and how your body will react.


When you do vigorous exercises it increases the blood flow in your body. Your body cannot choose the areas to circulate the extra blood, so your entire body gets an increased blood flow. The blood vessels begin to dilate to enable your body to cool down. Increased blood flow will make your veins increase in size and will be more pronounced in your breasts.

Breast enlargement surgery

Blue veins are common when you have breast enlargement surgery. The implants cause your breast to stretch and push veins to the surface making more visible veins than before. The

visible veins become noticeable in women with fair skin. Smaller implants also have a similar effect but the veins will be less visible.

Weight gain

When you gain weight, more fatty tissues are deposited in your breasts. The tissue pushes against your veins making them more visible veins.


Your skin becomes thinner and less elastic as you age. Even though it is a natural process, it makes your veins more visible. Your skin loses elasticity and will stretch and become thinner enhancing your vein appearance against your breast tissue.


Even though visible breast veins are not always preventable since they occur due to natural causes, there are ways you can reduce their severity.

● Wear a properly fitting bra that is not too tight or too loose. When going to play sports, choose a sufficiently supportive bra.

● Avoid rapid weight gain or weight loss. Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the appearance of breast veins, no matter the breast size, and help with blood circulation.

● Maintain a healthy diet.

● Rub moisturizer on your breasts regularly to reduce the elasticity loss that comes with aging.

Schedule a breast vein treatment

Your veins play a vital role in the circulatory system and they need to be looked after. Eating well, exercising regularly, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is the best way to keep your veins healthy. If you notice blue veins developing on your breasts, know that is it not uncommon. However, if you are concerned about the appearance of blue breast veins, don’t hesitate to reach out to a medical practitioner. At East Bay vein specialists, we have a wide range of vein treatments. Dr. Malvehy will assess if you are eligible for treatment and provide quality care. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a vein treatment.

Dr. Albert Malvehy

Dr. Albert Malvehy

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