The Mini-Guide to Hand Veins

Fact: everyone has veins in their hands. For some, they are more prominent than others. Those veins say something about you. They can tell your age, if you have good circulation, and they can even tell how well you take care of your hands.

For example, if you have a lot of veins in your hand and you bump your hand a lot, you could acquire a lot of bruises due to hitting the veins too hard and possibly breaking them.

So, what’s the deal with hand veins?

Hand Veins

Veins in your hand are typically hidden by the fat stored in the body. As a person ages, the fat stores (especially in their hands) decrease and show more of the veins. The older a person gets, the more likely it is to see the bulge of the veins in his or her hands.

Vein Removal

Women have spent years trying to hide these veins using hand rejuvenation, a technique that injects filler into the hand to aid in covering up the veins and making the hand look as it did in the woman’s younger years. While this did ease their minds, it is not a permanent fix and requires regular treatments to continue keeping the hands looking fresh and young.

Another version of vein removal is the sclerotherapy treatment. This version includes collapsing the veins and removing the excess blood from them. The biggest issue with this version is the cost. This treatment could take multiple visits and is extremely costly (sometimes over $500 per visit).

With these costly or temporary solutions to a problem, vein removal is still a prominent and important topic for women. How can they get a treatment that lasts without paying more than their fair share of money to get it?


A new technology in hand vein removal has produced itself in handscaping. This new treatment of vein removal is a permanent solution to a very real problem for women. Handscaping introduces an entirely new technology of hand vein removal that is fast and permanent. A 1mm incision (or less) in the hand to remove the bulging veins. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes per hand and is virtually painless.

Once finished, the patient will wear a large dressing for one night and a small piece of medical tape for about a week. Most hands heal quickly and there is very minimal, sometimes no, bruising to the incision site. Usually, there is a little swelling and it’s recommended that the patient does no heavy lifting for about a week for optimum healing.

The best part about handscaping is there is no recovery time. Patients can drive, type, bathe, and exercise (excluding heavy lifting) immediately after. The results of handscaping are permanent due to the fact that veins don’t grow back. This procedure creates a natural look to the hands and allows the patient to feel young again.

Where to Go

Now you’re probably wondering where to go for this treatment that seems so perfect. One location can help your hands with this great “handscaping” procedure: East Bay Vein Specialists. Call today to make your appointment with Dr. Malvehy and his team of vein specialists. They can get your hand back to the youthful look you seek in just one easy treatment of handscaping!

Call or go online today for more information and to schedule your appointment to remove those pesky veins in your hands!

Dr. Albert Malvehy

Dr. Albert Malvehy

M. Albert Malvehy, MD, RVT, dABVLM is a top-rated East Bay vein doctor serving the East Bay and greater San Francisco, California area. One of the few physicians in the country who devotes his practice exclusively to vein disease, Dr. Malvehy performs over 500 major varicose vein treatments using laser vein treatment and 1,000 spider vein treatments with sclerotherapy every year.

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