Transgender Hand Veins

The hands are one of the most visible, prominent, representative parts of our body. While cosmetic and surgical treatments to feminize the face and body are well described, feminization of the hands has been an overlooked part of MTF transition for the transwoman. Large, bulging, or otherwise masculine hand veins are a potential source of body dysmorphia. While some physicians may try to reduce the appearance of prominent hand veins through the use of fats or fillers typically approved for hand rejuvenation, these can result in the hand having a puffy unnatural experience and require multiple, ongoing maintenance treatments as they only last six to twelve months.

Dr. Malvehy, the top-rated vein specialist in California, has developed Handscaping™, an in-office procedure to treat bulging hand veins.

Handscaping is performed in the office, has no downtime, and offers a permanent solution for masculine looking veins on the back of the hands.

Treatment consists of a specialized FDA-approved medication (Asclera) delivered as foam using a proprietary protocol created specifically for the treatment for hand veins. Dr. Malvehy’s Handscaping treatment has evolved over the years to culminate in a procedure which can be performed during the initial consultation. The procedure is safe, takes less than 10 minutes per hand, and is pretty much painless. 

You do not need someone to accompany you to the appointment and can resume normal activity immediately. After a treatment, a wrap is placed on the hands and remains in place overnight. 

The wrap leaves the fingers free to type, text, and function as usual. Patients can drive, type, bathe, and exercise right away. Results are permanent because these veins – unlike abnormal spider veins of the legs – do not regrow. Multiple collateral, redundant veins under the palm of the hand are more than adequate to compensate for the veins on the back of the hand. Handscaping™ hand vein removal leaves hands looking:

  • Natural
  • Feminine
  • Youthful

Dr. Malvehy is the only physician in the San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay area offering this advanced hand rejuvenation technique.  He has performed the treatment on both men and women aged 25 to 75.

Hand vein treatment has a number of important benefits for the transwoman including:

  • reduced body dysmorphia
  • greater congruence between the inner and outer selves
  • enhanced confidence and self-esteem
  • help blending in more effectively in society as a woman.

Dr. Malvehy and our staff know that each patient has her own unique needs and expectations and go out of their way to make our office environment welcoming and inclusive to the LGBTQ community.

“Just got home after my facial vein removal treatment and I feel like a new woman! 😃 I’m beyond ecstatic with the results of my skin! Dr. M is charming, funny and skilled in his craft. The staff are awesome and willing to answer any questions. The office is a very clean, professional and friendly atmosphere. I felt welcomed and comfortable. I was in and out in no time. Overall, such a wonderful experience and I’ll be recommending them to my family and friends for sure!“
Elizabeth A.

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