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Blue breast veins post breast augmentation and after treatment with foam sclerotherapy. Blue breast veins – a kind of reticular vein – may become larger or more noticeable after breast augmentation or pregnancy. This may be a function of skin tightening, changes in skin tone or increased blood supply associated with either an implant or breastfeeding. Blue breast veins resulting from pregnancy and lactation will often revert to the pre-pregnancy state after breastfeeding is discontinued. Blue breast veins associated with breast augmentation typically do not recede if present for longer than 6-12 months post-augmentation. Treatment for these veins is performed in the office and takes 5-10 minutes. Topical anesthestic cream is applied to ensure comfort. Patients typically wear a sports bra for 2-3 days post-treatment and avoid sun exposure afterwards.  Veins will continue to improve in appearance for several weeks after treatment. Small red, purple, or blue spider veins of the chest, back, and trunk are usually a function of sun damage or genetics. These can be treated with either sclerotherapy or thermocoagulation. Dr. Malvehy is a top-rated vein doctor with offices in the East Bay Area, serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. He offers treatment for blue breast veins; treatment is typically performed at the time of the consultation.
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