Spider Veins

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Actual patient. Single treatment. 4 months later. Unretouched photo.

Spider veins are small (usually less than 1 mm) veins in the skin which may be red, blue, or purple. Nearly 100% of people will have at least some spider veins by the time they are 40 years old. The severity of spider veins is typically genetic though they can progress more quickly with pregnancy, excess weight, and prolonged standing.

Though sometimes associated with aching or itching, spider veins are usually asymptomatic and not associated with circulation issues. If your spider veins might be a sign of a deeper circulation problem like venous insufficiency, Dr. Malvehy, a top-rated vein doctor in the East Bay, will perform an ultrasound examination during your first visit before proceeding to spider vein treatment.

Where many offices still treat patients with saline or salt water injections, Dr. Malvehy exclusively uses Asclera, the only brand name, FDA approved medication for spider veins, as part of a customized treatment plan. By identifying the root cause of spider veins using ultrasound, refractive light, and years of experience, and then applying the latest treatment techniques – including foam sclerotherapy and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy – Dr. Malvehy is often able to definitively treat large or resistant spider vein complexes.  Because there is no single best sclerotherapy, a combination of approaches is required to deliver the best spider vein treatment results. Cosmetic treatments can be initiated on the day of consultation so spider vein treatment for patients from the East Bay or greater San Francisco Bay Area can be performed in as little as a single visit. Our office is consistently rated one of the best vein clinics in the East Bay and San Francisco Bay Area.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Malvehy. The office was lovely. The staff members were very nice. Dr. M took care of veins that I’ve had for years in a matter of a few minutes. The best part was that I had NO discomfort at all!”
– Kaia C.

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