Facial Veins

Spider veins on the nose, cheek, and chin which become visible facial veins are usually a function of sun damage, cigarette use, and genetics. These tiny vessels – also called telangiectasias – are usually less than 1/2 millimeter in size and can be cosmetically unappealing. Dr. Malvehy offers patients a customized – and pain free – approach to facial vein removal using a combination of laser vein treatment, radiofrequency thermocoagulation, sclerotherapy, and minimally invasive vein removal techniques, depending on what the best option is for you. We apply a topical anesthetic to make treatment as comfortable as possible. Though most patients have significant improvement after a single session, more than 1 session may be required depending on the severity of facial veins. For patients seeking facial vein treatment in the East Bay or greater San Francisco Bay Area, treatment can be performed at the time of consultation. Treatment takes 15-30 minutes. After treatment, patients should avoid sun exposure for 2-4 weeks. Otherwise, there are typically no post-treatment restrictions.
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