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Last Vein Treatment Patient Before and After Surgery
Last Vein Treatment Patient Before and After Surgery

Laser varicose vein treatment is performed with EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLA, also called EVLT). Laser vein treatment is appropriate for patients with varicose veins, leg pain, venous ulcers, leg cramping, and other symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency.

Dr. Malvehy performs over 500 laser vein removal treatments every year for a variety of different conditions and seeks to make the process as comfortable for patients as possible, anticipating points of discomfort and mitigating them before the fact.

Laser Vein Treatment Steps

  • Treatment typically takes 30-45 minutes and may be combined with minimally invasive varicose vein removal and sclerotherapy as part of your customized treatment plan.
  • Using ultrasound guidance, local anesthetic is delivered around the target vein.
  • A laser fiberoptic, a thin fiber less than 1 mm in size, is then inserted into the target vein and the vein is treated. The entire procedure is performed without making incisions in the skin and results in no scarring.

Patients can drive themselves home after treatment and may immediately resume normal activity. Dr. Malvehy may ask you to wear a compression stocking for 5-7 days depending on the size and location of the vein being treated. Most patient who undergo laser vein surgery have durable improvement in their varicose veins, often lasting a lifetime.

For patient who have failed laser vein treatment or surgeries in other centers, Dr. Malvehy performs revision laser vein treatment, correcting procedures that may have been performed elsewhere.

Laser vein treatment is covered by most commercial insurance and Medicare for patients with pain, swelling, or venous ulcers. For patients with Kaiser Permanente insurance seeking laser varicose vein treatment, preferred pricing is available.

“Very impressed with Dr. Malvehy’s bedside manner. He was informative and made my procedure go by quickly and with no pain. His staff is friendly and very polite. In addition this Doc was always on time for my appointments. Will not hesitate to recommend!“
Tanya C.

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