Leg Pain & Restless Legs

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), leg pain, and leg cramping are commonly associated with underlying vein disease.

There is now evidence that many patients diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome may actually have venous insufficiency, a problem with the circulation of the legs – even though they have normal appearing legs with no visible varicose veins or spider veins!  Venous insufficiency is caused when one or more veins in the legs fails to circulate blood up, against the force of gravity, allowing blood to pool in the legs.  Patients may also have cramping, leg heaviness and pain.


Symptoms generally occur for years before varicose veins, spider veins, or discoloration make the vein disease readily apparent.  A definitive way to identify venous insufficiency – particularly in patients with normal appearing legs – is to perform a standing duplex venous ultrasound.

In one study of patients with Restless Leg Syndrome, venous insufficiency was identified in 40%. Treating the venous insufficiency with a short, in-office procedure, eliminated the symptoms in 90% of the patients in the study. Laser vein treatment is typically covered by insurance and requires no downtime afterwards.


Dr. Malvehy is rated one of the best vein doctors in the East Bay and greater San Francisco Bay Areas. Patients can drive themselves home afterwards and there is no downtime. If you’d like to read more about the study examining laser vein treatment for treatment of symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome, click here.


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