Handscaping™ Hand Vein Treatment

Bulging hand veins treated in less than 15 minutes. No downtime. No scarring.

Handscaping™ hand vein removal is a safe, effective, and permanent solution to the problem of bulging hands veins. Bulging or thick veins on the back of the hand can make hands appear aged or masculine. While many offices offer injections of fat and fillers to temporarily obscure these unsightly veins, Dr. Malvehy is one of the pioneers in offering Handscaping™, a better hand vein treatment that focuses on the underlying problem, the bulging hand veins themselves.

Results from this innovative hand vein treatment are:

  • Immediate
  • Dramatic
  • Permanent

Handscaping™ is a customized treatment for bulging hand veins. Treatment consists of Asclera delivered as foam with a specific protocol created specifically for the treatment for hand veins. The procedure is totally safe, takes less than 10 minutes per hand, and  is pretty much painless. The process is so comfortable, patients universally comment that they wish they had found us and done it sooner. You do not need someone to accompany you to the appointment and can resume normal activity immediately. Patients can drive, type, bathe, and exercise  right away.

Results are permanent because these veins do not regrow. Multiple collateral, redundant veins under the palm of the hand are more than adequate to compensate for the veins on the back of the hand. Handscaping™ hand vein removal leaves hands looking:

  • Natural
  • Feminine
  • Youthful

Dr. Malvehy is the only physician in the San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay area offering this advanced hand rejuvenation technique.  He has performed the treatment on patients aged 30 to 75.

“My experience at the office and with the entire staff was 5-star. I came in for a consultation. Dr Malvehy explained my options and I didn’t feel any sort of pressure to say yes let’s do it or to schedule. I felt that I wouldn’t find a better experience elsewhere and I was able to have treatment at that time. I recommend this center for any service they provide.”
Janine F.

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