Handscaping™ Hand Vein Removal

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31 year old Dermatologist. Single treatment. 1 week later.

Handscaping™ hand vein removal is a safe, effective, and permanent solution to the problem of bulging hands veins. Bulging or thick veins on the back of the hand can make hands appear aged or masculine. While many offices offer injections of fat and fillers to temporarily obscure these unsightly veins, Dr. Malvehy is one of the pioneers in offering Handscaping™, a better hand vein treatment that focuses on the underlying problem, the bulging hand veins themselves.

Results from this innovative hand vein treatment are:
* Immediate
* Dramatic
* Permanent

Handscaping™ is a customized treatment where bulging hand veins are removed through a pinprick incisions sized 1 mm or less. The procedure is totally safe, takes about 20 minutes per hand, and  pretty much painless. The process is so comfortable, patients universally comment that they wish they had found us and done it sooner. You do not need someone to accompany you to the appointment. Patients wear a bulky dressing for one night; they wear a steri-strip (a small piece of medical tape) over the 1 mm incision for about a week. The skin on the back of the hand heals quite quickly and there is usually little-to-no bruising. The back of the hand typically has some swelling for 3 days after the procedure. We recommend no heavy lifting with the treated hand for about a week to ensure the most tension-free wound healing. Patients can drive, type, bathe, and do exercise without heavy hand weights (yoga, running, spinning, leg exercises, etc) right away.

Results are permanent because these veins do not regrow. Multiple collateral, redundant veins under the palm of the hand are more than adequate to compensate for the veins on the back of the hand. Handscaping™ hand vein removal leaves hands looking:

* Natural
* Feminine
* Youthful

Dr. Malvehy is the only physician in the San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay area offering this advanced hand rejuvenation technique.  He has performed the treatment on patients aged 30 to 75.

“My experience at the office and with the entire staff was 5-star. I came in for a consultation. Dr Malvehy explained my options and I didn’t feel any sort of pressure to say yes let’s do it or to schedule. I felt that I wouldn’t find a better experience elsewhere and I was able to have treatment at that time. I recommend this center for any service they provide.”
– Janine F.


Hand vein removal. Hand vein treatment.
Actual patient 1 year later. Unretouched photos.

While hand rejuvenation was practically unheard of only a few years ago, it has become a popular category of beauty treatment. While it doesn’t break out the use of fats or fillers, the American Society of Plastic Surgery reports over 100,000 hand rejuvenation procedures in 2017 alone. There are multiple fillers which have received FDA approval for hand rejuvenation including  Restylane Lyft. Fillers, including FDA approved products which come pre-filled in syringes, or fat, which is liposuctioned from the person being treated before being reinjected, attempt to replace the subcutaneous fat which is naturally lost as we age. While this is helpful for some people, any fat or fillers injected into the back of the hand will be absorbed over time, so they need to be replenished at least once a year. At a cost of $2,000 a treatment, the lifetime cost of maintaining hand rejuvenation is not trivial. For some patients, filler injections last only a few weeks. Filler injections in the hands may be less durable than similar treatments in the face simply because the hands suffer through more movement and day to work, resulting in faster absorption.

For women seeking hand vein treatment, the injection of fillers may not be the best solution simply because these fillers work by bulking up the hands, in essence burying of obscuring the bulging hand veins by using the filler as a camouflage. If a woman is young, still has most of her subcutaneous fat on the back of the hand, or just has particularly large veins on the back of the hand, hand vein treatment with hand rejuvenation technology is an imperfect solution or may not work at all. Handscaping™ is a hand vein removal approach that may be the perfect solution for women who want hand vein treatment.

During your initial consultation for hand vein treatment, Dr. Malvehy will examine you and determine if you are a candidate for hand vein removal. He will then walk you through the Handscaping™ process in detail. Treatment for bulging hand veins can be performed the same day.  Hand vein removal takes about 20 minutes for each hand and is painless, because the skin on the hand is relatively insensitive.

First, Dr. Malvehy will mark your hand to make sure the maximum number of bulging veins can be targeted through the smallest number of incisions. Most patients need 1 or 2 and the incisions are quite small, 1 mm or less. After marking the skin, local anesthetic is introduced through a tiny pinprick that most patients don’t even feel. After the anesthetic takes effect, the area is cleaned and prepared for the treatment. 1 or 2 exceptionally small incisions are made and, using a technique honed by working on 1000’s of legs, the targeted vein are removed. A small piece of tape, also known as a steri-strip, is placed over the wounds and a bulky wrap is placed over the back of the hand (you might look like you are ready for a kickboxing class). If both hands are being done that day, the hand vein removal procedure is repeated on the other hand. You sleep with those bandages on that night (but you can drive, type, cook, etc right away). When you take the bandages off in the morning, where you used to have large bulging veins, you will only find that small steri-strip.

There is typically some swelling  from the anesthetic for about 72 hours after the procedure with most patients having 100% resolution of their swelling by day 7. During this initial 7 day period, we ask that patients don’t pick up anything heavier than 5-10 pounds (about the weight of a gallon of milk) so as not to stress the incisions. Exercise like running, yoga, burpees, and aerobic exercise is fine. Scarring, if there is any, will improve greatly over the first 6 months after your procedure with the worst case scar being something that looks like a freckle.