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Treating bulging hand veins:

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Hey there. I’m Dr. Albert Malvehy, also known as Dr. Vein Eraser, to talk a little bit about bulging hand veins and how you can treat them. There’s a couple of different reasons that people might want to get treatment for bulging hand veins.

The first is that they make the hands look aged. They also make the hands look a little bit more masculine than some people might like. So one of the things that happens as we all age is that we lose fat, subcutaneous fat in particular in many places, sometimes in the face, and then also in the hands. So, that fat that used to obscure veins that are normally occurring in the back of the hand starts to disappear as we get into our 30s, 40s and 50s and 60s. And so those veins become more visible.

Another thing that happens is that the skin itself becomes more thin, so those veins become more visible. In our practice, we’ve developed something called Handscaping as a treatment for bulging hand veins. Our practice is the only one in the country that offers Handscaping, and the proof of that is our trademark for our proprietary process for treating. So what we do is use FDA approved medications and a proprietary combination and technique to offer patients a visit that lasts about 20 minutes, and that’s for both hands. So ten minutes for each hand and a pretty permanent result to reduce the appearance of hand veins.

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So let’s come on over and we’ll look at some of our before and after pictures that we have up on the wall. This is our nice treatment room over here where people might have a handbin treatment. And here’s a couple of different examples of people who’ve had hand vein treatments. So here’s a typical patient who’s maybe a little bit older, and she’s concerned about the way that these veins here on the hand make her look and betray her age a little bit. So that treatment took us ten or 15 minutes total, maybe 20 minutes total.

The medication is delivered. Patients leave with a little wrap on their hand, and then the veins will disappear over the course of three or four months. Typically, we’ll see people for a little follow up with it about a month or two months out to do any touch ups to make sure that it came out just exactly the way that they wanted it to come out. I want it to come out perfect, of course, and to take after pictures if you want to take some after pictures. But the results are pretty much permanent after that.

And the person who’s having it done doesn’t really have to have any lifestyle changes after that first treatment day when they have their bandages on. You can return to exercise, weightlifting, typing, texting, driving all those sorts of things pretty much right away. Here’s a different example of another technique that we use is actually one of our first patients. And even though this person is younger. This is actually a 30ish year old dermatologist who came to our office way back when.

She was concerned that she was seeing patients and always using her hands to do aesthetic procedures like Botox and fillers. And people would look at her hands, they would see that even though she was young and she had plenty of subcutaneous fat, these bulging hand veins really made her hands look masculine. I took a semi surgical approach. We don’t use as much anymore, but we still can we didn’t need any stitches and that’s her about a week later. So those are pretty nice results.

And the nice thing, like I said, is these tend to be pretty permanent. This person had this done about eight or nine years ago. This person had this down about six years ago and his hands still look nice. So if you’re wondering about treating bulging hand veins, you don’t need to wonder anymore. There are treatments available.

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Dr. Albert Malvehy

Dr. Albert Malvehy

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